ULVAShield CSPE sheet is supplied in rolls 1 metre wide by 20 metres long and is available in a range of thicknesses, typically 1mm.

The sheet encapsulates a glass fibre scrim which contributes to the physical properties of the material and keeps the charred product in place in the event of exposure to fire, helping to maintain the integrity of the insulation system. The product is fire retardant and is tested and certified to the most demanding international standards.

For cryogenic applications, system build-up is simplified with ULVAShield acting as the primary vapour barrier, eliminating the need for a vapour barrier between the insulation and the cladding. ULVAShield has a water vapour permeability of only 0.0007 g / (m².h.mmHg).

During 2014, ULVA invested in a mullti-million Euro state of the art process line for the manufacture of ULVAShield.

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